Monday, July 20, 2009

Impressive 1st Sprint

At about 11am they went to start Ethan's first ventilator sprint on CPAP mode with moderate pressure support (for all those moms of vented babies out there). They said we don't want to stress him out so lets shoot for 30 minutes. Well, FOUR HOURS later he was still doing great!!! It wasn't until the four hour mark that he was showing some signs of getting worn out. So they decided to rest him. WOW! That made me HAPPY! He has basically not worked at breathing for 5 months. I will definately take four hours for the first sprint! So tonight another sprint is planned for the same duration, but with very low support.

The only bad news is he still has the fever. The infectious disease team thinks it is a fever as a reaction to ALL the other antibiotics/meds he is on. They call it medication fevers. Hmmmm. Thats one I hadn't heard. But, that would be better than some rare disease we can't figure out!

Another heart mom recently posted on her page that she is grateful to be going through this experience and to be able to be so closely involved in experiencing the miracles of God. I definately agree with the second half of that statement :)
PS: Greg and I have gotten to each hold him in the last 24 hours... even with 50 cords and machines attached it was the best feeling.

Much love-


Caryn said...

Good job Ethan! Hugs to you Heidi!

The Stapley's said...

Oh I am so happy you got to hold that little bug!! :) I just am amazed at what a strong little boy he is. Keep it goin Ethan we love you!!

Meredith said...

yea! that is all great news!!!

Andrea Gunnell said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got to hold him. It's been too long! I'm so happy to hear he tolerated the sprint. I'll be praying that tonight goes just as well.

Lindsay said...

Such great news! Can't wait to hear how last night's sprint went! I'm so glad that you got to hold him!

So now that they think they've identified the cause of the fever, what are they going to do about it since he needs to be on all of those medications?

Alyson said...

Way to go little Ethan!!!!

I'm so happy you were able to hold him.......What a precious moment :0)