Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grandpa Tom

Another funeral for the Skidmore household, however this one was filled with joy and peace. Grandpa Tom lived a wonderful life. He passed away at the age of 84 and was able to be reunited w/ his wife who passed just over two years ago. I can't but help be a hint jealous. . . I am pretty sure an embrace w/ Ethan was one of the things Grandpa experienced once he crossed to the other side.
I am grateful for such a great heritage. Grandpa had a very strong testimony of the gospel, loved life, and gave our family some great traditions. Cannon's middle name is Thomas, like Grandpa (his real name was Donald Thomas Stapley). He refused to call Cannon by his firt name. He always called him C Thomas! Well, D Thomas, you will be missed.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What a Month!

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Two March Birthdays!
Ethan's Run (Feb. 20)
Disneyland (no lines on Wednesdays)and if you ask, you just might end up in the parade like we did!!! So fun.
Ethan's Birth, a year ago (Feb. 18). He came out breathing on his own & more stable than I was expecting :) So what happened. . . UGH!
Beach AND Prescott weekend pictures are yet to come! Not to mention I attempted to do the Ragnar del sol relay (but injured my knee on my first leg) and started working again. All this has been good, but exhausting. I liked being busy this month though. The end of February was so very emmotional (and still is). I miss my little man, and just pray I did EVERYTHING possible to make him feel loved while he was here. Being ADD, OCD, CRAZY, A NURSE (only to him), AND HIS MOTHER was a hard combo to keep balanced. Nurse West once gave me a long look and sigh. She then said "I can't decide what I like more, the mom who wants to know everything, or the mom who is tuned out & sits in the corner"! Hmmmm. None the less. I love all my kids & cherish the thoughts I have of the day we are all together again.