Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the skid kids

So it was this week last year that Ethan tumbled down hill. It was approximately 10 days after his second open heart surgery. He was doing so well. Exceeding everyones expectations (since the Glenn requires good lungs, which he didn't have. I look back and just have to think it was a tender mercy. His lungs held strong as long as they could. Gave us some great days with him! But ya all know how the story went. I actually hadn't had a tear fest in almost a month, but this week opened some flood gates. Good thing I have these crazy skid kids to keep me busy and moving forward. Cannon's latest "Efin" comment: "How did Heavenly Father take him all the way up to heaven, you know, with out any airplanes hitting him and space stuff?"

Gage won an award for a poem he did about dogs (he wants one so bad).

Cannon had his end of year prescl grad. He has one more year and was so bummed he didn't get to officially graduate and wear "the High School Musical graduation outfits." He will also miss Sofia, a big Kindergardner now!

Welcoming in Summer!