Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ethan's Run

After way too many hours on the computer, phone, sitting at HOA meetings, obtaining city permits, coordinating graphics, requesting sponsors, planning advertising, getting insurance quotes, and ignoring my children and house; I'm finally able to officially annouce Ethan's Run. I know I have mentioned it was coming. . . but here are the details.

All proceeds will go to The Congenital Heart Foundation at St. Joseph's to help families who are battling tough defects. It will help provide Transportation costs so parents can be at the hospital as much as possible (gas cards & bus passes), help w/ bills, and provide a fund for those who lose a child & need help w/ creamation or casket expenses). I plan on this being an annual event.

It will be in the East Valley in the Community of Las Sendas (northeast Mesa) Should be fun for all. There will be a fun zone at the park w/ bounce houses and snacks/treats. Children do not need to be registered! Click on link button to the side of blog to register online at . There is interactive maps to see the 10K and get directions. Or mail in forms can be downloaded through You can also check out info at (thanks Lowry's).

The 10K portion of this event will be competetive & professionally timed w/ awards (however I just hope to finish!). The 2 mile family fun run/walk will just be fun. All who register will get a shirt. After, you are welcome to hang out at the park and enjoy the fun zone (or hang out there during the run if you so like). I hope to also raise CHD awareness through this event and help encourage others to take care of the hearts they have!

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

May you enjoy your turkey and counting all your blessings!
I know I will a little more this year. . .

Friday, November 20, 2009

Eller Heart Calendar

The Eller Congenital Heart Center (St. Joe's) is putting out a 2010 calendar. All proceeds to benefit the congenital heart foundation. Our picture (above) is featured in the month of December w/ some other beautiful heart angels! The cost is $12.95 each. If you are interested let me know. I will have a link up on Monday to the new Eller Heart Family Council Website. Any heart families can turn there for resources or to check on whats going on in the "heart world".Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 16, 2009


I have no idea why this keeps turning sideways when I upload it! So I give up. But here is Ethan's headstone (just kink your neck to the left!) . It got set at the end of last week. I took a picture but the headstone was all dirty and I didn't bring cleaning tools. So I figured I will show the before pic for now. I have to mention how cute Greg was when we were picking out the headstone. Most pictures are oval. Greg felt "oval" was not manly enough for Ethan. He needed a tough "square" picture instead! But I do love how it turned out.

We met with the team. They have no idea why Ethan died (Disclaimer: obviously he was not a well child). The change in his heart failure meds and ventilator mode must of made him a little "off". Apparently they don't feel the heart failure meds affected his blood flow to his lungs. His heart and lungs must not have liked the changes made around 5 that evening. Ethan knew my feelings and my prayer. He got a little off that night and told his angel "the time is now right". Just like the poem Greg read at the funeral. Kind of beautiful to tell you the truth. I saw his ekg strips. No major arrythmia like I first thought (or was told). He just bradied down (heart litrally slowed down in sinus bradycardia). He eventully went into a funky rythm after he was "gone". Pretty peaceful. Enough said on that subject.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Angels Among Us

I have been doing a little better. I am still overwhelmed w/ missing my Ethan. I have many ups and many downs. And I have struggled with how much he suffered. Although I hate the suffering that occurred, I have no anger or feel no hate towards anyone. I have had a few people tell me "It was so unfair." "Are you so angry?", etc. . . The truth is that as much as there are parts of Ethan's life that I don't like mentally, I can't help but only feel one thing when I talk or think about him. It is peace and beauty. Not beauty because he was so cute. . . But beauty because that is what he radiated. And he is not the only "one" that radiated beauty. You can ask any one who visited Ethan, other heart moms, and even some staff members who paid attention to it. Ethan had angels among him often. . . especially when he was not doing well. I did not see them. . . but they WERE there. God did not cause Ethan's physcial problems. But he sure comforted him through them. And thanks to ALL the faith and love of those who surrounded Ethan on earth, I strongly feel he probably stayed a little longer than he needed to.

I went to St. Joe's the other day for a "graduation ceremony" for the most complex heart babies of the year. The ones who made it to a more stable phase. Ethan was supposed to be there. . . But I really wanted to support my heart friends. . . So I went, and I brought a HUGE amount of Kleenex. None needed. Only one thought consumed me this day. "He is FREE, Ethan is free." The truth is if he were still alive he would be in California, on the ventilator, hoping to get a heart and lung match. . . . . As I said. . . he is free.

Thank you Ethan for enduring to give us more time. Thank you to those who tended to him from the "other side", and to YOU (all those that supported us, cared for Ethan, and especially those who prayed for us continually!)

PS: Can't wait to find out who "they" are one day. . .