Thursday, December 11, 2008

Summary of last 6 months!

An Update . . .

Well I have been bad at blogging to say the least but a recent push from friends and family has me back on board. However I don't even know where to begin. It has been quite a roller coaster the last six months. Many trials has brought much faith and appreciation for the blessings I do have. Especially my family. I discovered I was pregnant after a year plus of trying. We had actually decided to not try any longer when the good news came. Unfortunatley with it came the ususal 5 months of sickness!!! I accomplished nothing for those five months except attending a few family vacations. We went to California and Zions Park Utah during the summer. And most recently we went to Show Low over Thanksgiving weekend. Amid all this fun we found our baby is another boy (Alexa took it better than expected) and we also found out he has HLHS, or hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Basically only half his heart works and will ever work. He will have to endure a series of 3 open heart surgeries to become what is called a single ventricle baby. It was alot to take in, and we know this next year will be very trying. . . but we are so ready to bring this baby into the world and experience this together as a family. It will definately be a growing experience! I have to go make my cookies for Brianne's cookie exchange. I PROMISE I will add more soon.