Friday, December 31, 2010

2nd Annual Ethan's Run: Hope for Heart Defects

The Event is back!  It is Saturday February 12, 2011.  1/2 Marathon, 10K, Fun Run, Pancake Breakfast and Kids Zone.  There is something for everyone!

Kids Zone (bigger and better) 2 jump houses, an inflatable game, rock wall, face painting, and cotton candy.  Children 4 and older will be $5 this year and that includes both the Fun Run and unlimited Kids Zone.  All CHD kids are free (just show us your zipper).
Pancake Breakfast $5 or $20 per family.  It will be provided by a scouting organization and proceeds go to Ethan's Run
Fun Run is 1.3 miles.  We encourage friends and family of heart warriors to band together to represent thier loved one.
10K is the same route as last year and chip timed!
1/2 Marathon goes through Las Sendas then out to McDowell road, around north east Mesa, and finishes back in Las Sendas.  This 1/2M is also chip timed and in process of certification.

Please go to or to register and get more information.
Or email me with any questions

There is also an Ethan's Run CALIFORNIA
My dear friend is putting it on in Menifee, CA  April 30, 2011*  (10k and fun run)
You can register at or via

Please help spread the word and raise CHD awareness!
Sometimes I question myself for putting on this event b/c of the time it takes, not only my families part, but all the volunteers as well.  Then I get word of another little precious CHD baby (Ella) who loses her life to a complex defect and I am reminded of the purpose, the cause, and my little Ethan. . . We are grateful we can put on this event.  And THANK YOU to all those who make it possible!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Family Pictures

My mom always tells me our family pictures are so boring and lack color. . . So here you go mom. This one was for you. Color, color, color! We had so much fun taking them. There are too many good pictures. I have 250 to choose from and I just can't decide. I LOVE them all, but I also want to have money in the bank for Christmas! We just wish Ethan was in the pictures with us.  Family pictures will never be the same. Thanks for putting up with us Melissa!
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Fun

Life has been crazy busy. . . Fall sports, fun parties, and working way too much! Here is a peak at our month. It started off w/ Crazy Cannon turning 5! I can't believe he is five. Anyone who knows Cannon knows there is never a dull moment with him. He is either up to something sneaky, or the center of attention! This kid is hilarious and loves to keep us on our toes. And our poor puppy. . . he is often the culprit of Cannons antics! We rode trains and the carousel at McCormick train park and then had a picnic and games. I also have an annual Halloween party. Lots of yummy eats and fun treats. The pumpkin carving contest has become increasingly competitive each year. I may need to stop that part of the party to keep love and harmony within the family :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ethan Slide Show

Here is a very rough draft of a video I was trying to do with some of Ethan's pics (since I hate scrapbooking). We miss him so much. I cannot find a picture of him smiling big! He HATED the camera. Every time I lifted it up he would scowl. I don't blame him. Machines were all too much a part of his life. He always just wanted a finger to hold or a face to look at. Love you son... I can't believe you have been gone 1 year. . .
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Friday, July 30, 2010


What were you doing this day last year? Was it a day I got to hold you? Was it the last day you were happy and smiling? I wondered. I did it... I shouldn't have. I pulled it off the shelf. Two hours later, thousands of tears, a box of kleenex, and a wicked headache the next morning. Does that make the phrase "miss you so bad it hurts" true? More than you know. It's been ALMOST a year... yet still so tangible. You are still the front and center of every thought. EVERYTHING reminds me of you. I miss you son.

I must thank those kind soles who have given me (our family) so many kind gestures. Here are two of the newest.

Greg's cousins had this portrait painted of Ethan. My snap shot does not do it justice. It's AMAZING. It captures the day, one of his best, the embrace, his eyes... It's perfect. Thanks Wrights

This one is so meaningful. One of my dearest friends had this CD signed by Paul Cardall. He is an LDS musician/pianist. He is a single ventricle (right) who recently had his first heart transplant. He supports CHD's and the children they effect so much. Thanks Cullimores.

The third gift was a letter and picture from my aunt. Her daughter (my cousin Melanie) passed away after a 20 month struggle w/ life. Melanie would be 25 years old now. It is a total different situation, but in the end her lungs are what took her. I have since cried many tears of joy and sorrow w/ my aunt. She has given me hope. I hate the bond that ties us, but LOVE that I have someone to share it with, someone who has journeyed this road and can give me guidance. Thanks Kathy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Time. . .

We have had a fabulous summer thus far. . . (but truthfully I am ready for school to start. What?! There is another month!) We were busy w/ so many fun activities in June. So July has been our "true summer". . . trips, hikes, card games, the lake, swimming, ball games, movies, and too much TV. The highlight so far has been our trip to Salt Lake City for my amazing Grandmother's 90th birthday. She is awsome and healthy as a horse (and did I mention her secret to success is a Dr. Pepper a day!) And the weather was in the 80's. Next venture: the Grand Canyon and Skidmore Reunion.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the skid kids

So it was this week last year that Ethan tumbled down hill. It was approximately 10 days after his second open heart surgery. He was doing so well. Exceeding everyones expectations (since the Glenn requires good lungs, which he didn't have. I look back and just have to think it was a tender mercy. His lungs held strong as long as they could. Gave us some great days with him! But ya all know how the story went. I actually hadn't had a tear fest in almost a month, but this week opened some flood gates. Good thing I have these crazy skid kids to keep me busy and moving forward. Cannon's latest "Efin" comment: "How did Heavenly Father take him all the way up to heaven, you know, with out any airplanes hitting him and space stuff?"

Gage won an award for a poem he did about dogs (he wants one so bad).

Cannon had his end of year prescl grad. He has one more year and was so bummed he didn't get to officially graduate and wear "the High School Musical graduation outfits." He will also miss Sofia, a big Kindergardner now!

Welcoming in Summer!

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Verdict Is In

My kids hearts are healthy and whole! I was so happy to have Jon do some of the echos. He did many of Ethan's! After hours of echos, ekg tests, and listening to their chests, it was determined they never need to have any more cardiac follow up. Once again I forgot my camera, but the important thing is their hearts are perfect! The only small little thing is they said my daughters Aorta is a little large but not to worry about it. I said "you don't know who you are talking to!" (it was a new NP that told me this). I said "go back with the doctors and MAKE SURE there is nothing to worry about". (Because I have every reason to be worried about small stuff after losing a child who had big stuff). Dr Pophal did a double check and came in to re-assure me she is fine. It is on the larger side of normal which just means it grew that way. There is nothing that would cause it to be large as far as the heart not functioning correctly. Phew!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

America's Favorite Past Time

"To become a winner in the race for eternal life requires effort—constant work, striving, and enduring well with God’s help. But the key is that we must take it just one step at a time." Marvin J. Ashton

This was a great reminder to read tonight. Every night we say family prayers, which includes the kids praying for a long list of heart kiddos (and of course Cannon still prays for Ethan to get resurrected soon). After tucking them in I went to check on Miracle Mason. He is suffering from rejection after his heart transplant but he, and his mommy, continue to fight. She had posted the above quote on today's update.

Lately I have been shedding many tears for my little man. I miss him so. Tomorrow will be 8 months since we laid his beautiful body in that beautiful casket. There are several songs that get played on the radio that I would hear on my long drive to and from St. Joe's. It seems like they are getting played alot lately. It has brought back many of the emotions of last year. The incredible ups and downs. It has refreshed the beauty and sorrow of that summer. The ultimate miracle is the answer and peace I received just prior to his passing. I have to remind myself of that often. It was so sweet, so true. However I still shed tears and my heart still aches.

I do know that the Lord allows sorrow and pain so that we can truly appreciate the joy. . .

My latest love is playing baseball in the backyard w/ the other three kiddos. The boys especially, are obsessed. We conditioned their gloves tonight and wrapped them w/ rubber bands to help "shape them" better. That lasted 15 minutes. They wanted them unwrapped so they could get a few more innings in the backyard before the sun went down. Then they all watched a few innings of the D-backs game on the internet (since it was blacked out on the TV). These are the joys I appreciate a little more. They are such good kids. I love them and their passion to do everything. Enjoying them one day at a time. . . despite the craziness of life.

PS: Greg thinks I am crazy, but I am having my kiddos hearts checked this Thursday w/ Ethan's cardiologist (echos and all). Obviously they don't have anything serious, but there is something to say about peace of mind!!! Right???

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grandpa Tom

Another funeral for the Skidmore household, however this one was filled with joy and peace. Grandpa Tom lived a wonderful life. He passed away at the age of 84 and was able to be reunited w/ his wife who passed just over two years ago. I can't but help be a hint jealous. . . I am pretty sure an embrace w/ Ethan was one of the things Grandpa experienced once he crossed to the other side.
I am grateful for such a great heritage. Grandpa had a very strong testimony of the gospel, loved life, and gave our family some great traditions. Cannon's middle name is Thomas, like Grandpa (his real name was Donald Thomas Stapley). He refused to call Cannon by his firt name. He always called him C Thomas! Well, D Thomas, you will be missed.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What a Month!

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Two March Birthdays!
Ethan's Run (Feb. 20)
Disneyland (no lines on Wednesdays)and if you ask, you just might end up in the parade like we did!!! So fun.
Ethan's Birth, a year ago (Feb. 18). He came out breathing on his own & more stable than I was expecting :) So what happened. . . UGH!
Beach AND Prescott weekend pictures are yet to come! Not to mention I attempted to do the Ragnar del sol relay (but injured my knee on my first leg) and started working again. All this has been good, but exhausting. I liked being busy this month though. The end of February was so very emmotional (and still is). I miss my little man, and just pray I did EVERYTHING possible to make him feel loved while he was here. Being ADD, OCD, CRAZY, A NURSE (only to him), AND HIS MOTHER was a hard combo to keep balanced. Nurse West once gave me a long look and sigh. She then said "I can't decide what I like more, the mom who wants to know everything, or the mom who is tuned out & sits in the corner"! Hmmmm. None the less. I love all my kids & cherish the thoughts I have of the day we are all together again.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Did It. . . $10,000 to help CHD families!

Ethan's Run was a huge success thanks to many of YOU! The weather held out just long enough and the main events were able to take place. The 10K course was awsome! It was hard and challenging. . . and shockingly no complaints about it. Most people said they loved the challenge and there are no other 10K like it in the valley. I was afraid no one would come back after they ran it :)

The fun run was great. I LOVED all the kiddos running and scooting their hearts out! There was a HUGE heart family and friend turn out too. I love seeing everyone, just wished I had actually had time to talk to you all. I love you guys! And I have loved receiving all your pictures and comments!

I also want to THANK all those that sacrificed so much time to help. The volunteers and support was awsome. I am humbled by it to tell you the truth!

I ran the 10K (which didn't leave me much time to visit) but I did it for Ethan. I could not put on an event in honor of my son, call it Ethan's Run, and not run it!

Now starts the PAY IT FORWARD part. We raised $10,000! After I finish up with post race details I will start working on the details with the Congenital Heart Foundation on how to distribute the funds to benefit those families struggling with complicated battles!

There will definately be an Ethan's Run: Hope for Heart Defects 2011!

I have tons of new pictures to still go through! I will post more later. This week I need to finish up race stuff and, oh maybe, tend to my neglected house.

Love- Heidi

Monday, February 15, 2010

Any Picture Takers???

Does anyone have a decent camera that would like to SNAP PICTURES at Ethan's Run???
I would like some candid shots of the event as a whole. You do not need to take a picture of everything. . . I just want to make sure and capture some memories. . . Any takers???

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 | View Ethan's Route #4 -- Final in Mesa, Arizona | View Ethan's Route #4 -- Final in Mesa, Arizona

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You can view the 10K route for Ethan's Run by clicking the link above.

***Boulder Mountain Park is the base camp for the whole event. Please make note that the road "Red Mountain" that Boulder Mtn Park is located on, will be closed to through traffic starting at 8:15 am. The 10K and fun run will be starting and finishing on this road, so traffic will be closed. If you need to arrive after 8:15, then plan to park a half mile or more away! We will have a few golf carts for people to get shuttled into the park.

10K starts at 8:30am
Fun/run starts at 8:40

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ethan's Run, Final Countdown

The FINAL COUNTDOWN is on for ETHAN'S RUN: HOPE FOR HEART DEFECTS! Please help spread the word. It has come together very well. The event is in the community of Las Sendas in NE Mesa. Please enter from Power & Thomas Rd. and plan on arriving by 8 (so not to cut it too close). I have been very blessed to have two boy scounts want to help with Ethan's Run for their Eagle Projects. . . I could not be more grateful. And quite frankly, my mini stress breakdowns as of late might have been a full blown breakdown if they hadn't come along. Thanks Max & Sam.

If you didn't notice, the fun/run is now ONLY A 1 MILE. Sorry if you were planning on a two miler, but I just couldn't make it work without messing up the 10K. There will be complimentary snacks, drinks, and messages for the 10K runners. The fun zone (8am to 11am) is at the park w/ free bounce houses, and tons of play equipment. Tropical Smoothie will be there, and the newest edition is a PANCAKE BREAKFAST for purchase! And of course, CUTE SHIRTS to all registrants. There is day of registration w/ cash, but shirts are not guaranteed. To pre-register go to my button on the side and it will connect you to online reg! Thanks to all the sponsors and those who are helping to make this a great event! If you can't make it, just try to always spread Congenital Heart Defect Awareness! It is the number one birth defect and the number one cause of infant death from birth defects.
Cannon asks everyday if it is "Efin's Run yet?" Almost buddy, almost!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

15 Grandkids Nine & Under

What could be more fun than seeing 15 grandkids running and screaming together at Grandma's house? Maybe just Grandma and Grandpa's faces! We are lucky enough to have lots of fun cousins to play with. These are the pics we took at New Years. Thanks Sara. . . they are so fun. However, could you please photoshop the bags on my eyes? They are still terrible. I think Ethan pushed them to the point of NO RETURN! All the sleepless nights and tears were worth it(like they're over). Just wish grandkid number 16 was running around with the others. . .

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cannon is my angel on Earth!

Yes, I used Cannon and angel in the same sentence. He has been more joy than mischief lately. And even though Ethan has been gone over 5 months. . . Cannon continues to be his biggest fan.
My sister-in-law asked me if I was writing down the sweet things Cannon has been saying. And I am guilty. I have not. So here are just a few glimpses.
Cannon ALWAYS blesses Ethan when it is his turn to pray. Sometimes he adds "bless Ethan to be resurrected". I without a doubt know I will see Ethan again on the other side. I also know one day he (we all) will be resurrected and his physical state will be made perfect. My older kids grasp that the timing of the second coming of Christ and resurrection is unknown (and far off). Cannon doesn't get it, although I have explained it to him 3-4 times a week since Ethan's passing. Tonight during prayers Cannon prayed: "Bless Ethan to come back alive fast. . .it is taking too long."

A few weeks ago my friend returned a cradle I had lended her. We used it for the first week or so Ethan was home. Even though he was a little baby, it wasn't working out, because he was a little baby with way too many tubes and wires attached to him and I just had no room to "work" when I was taking care of him and giving meds, feeds, suctioning, diapers, dressing changes, etc...). So we put up the crib and eventually lent the cradle out. Cannon and I walked into the garage after she returned it and there it was. . . Cannon gasped with excitement, put his hands on his cheeks and shouted (with the biggest grin ever) "Is that for Ethan? Is he coming back ALIVE? Can we put it in my room? I will take good care of him and help him when he wakes up at night!"

And as you can imagine he was quite disappointed when I told him the situation. But none the less he went on to talk about Ethan for the next 2 days straight. . . Including: "Mom, you need to have another baby boy so when Ethan comes alive he will have a buddy to play with like I have Gage."

And on the note of Gage. . . I heard Gage saying he was scared after we tucked them in tonight. Cannon and Gage share a room w/ two twin beds. A few minutes later I heard Cannon tell Gage he could come sleep with him. I thought it was sweet, but didn't think much more of the comment. This is how I found them when I went to check on them an hour later.

As I have pondered Cannon's change in demeanor, I can't help but wonder if he has changed, or have I just changed the way I view and love him. I must thank Ethan for those lessons. Learned the hard way, but none the less, learned (and hopefully never to forget).


Monday, January 18, 2010

Neighbors & Good Times

So this post is a little late. I have been wanting to put up my Christmas card because I ran out this year. I thought I ordered plenty. . . but it turns out this year not only brought us our Ethan, but it also brought us a whole lot of new friends and loved ones. I wish I could tell you all the special thoughts and feelings I have for ALL of our old and new friends. I would like to say I could go on praising them for hours, but the truth is that my feelings are so tender and so full of gratitude for all of them that I still just break down in tears everytime I think about it. The feelings are too overwhelming to describe (it might also be difficult to express because English/writing was not my best subject)!

Today I had a chance to catch up with Melodie (Scarlett's mom). She is Super Heart Mom! Scarlett was Ethan's first neighbor in the PCTICU. She was born one day before him with Tetralogy of Fallot. She is now almost a year old, starting to walk, and has the most beautiful eyes and smile. Melodie has become dedicated to the cause. She connects more heart moms than anyone I know. She continues to support CHD families whether their child is alive, or has earned its angel wings. And she is a busy full time working mom with lots of other stuff to worry about too, but she still cares about us! We had so many good "neighbors" on the unit. I love them all. And they are part of why I want to put on Ethan's Run. To continue to support the cause.

Ethan is 11 months old today, and 5 months gone. . .

On a lighter note, Greg planned a fun trip for us this past week. Realizing the toll this last year had taken on us (notice my card... still looks like I haven't slept in a year). . . he planned a get-a-way. We went on a 7 day cruise to MEXICO. Oh, it was fun! We had a blast and for the first time in I don't know how long. . . we were able to relax and let loose! Can anyone say KARAOKE, zip lines, and snorkeling. Just a few of the highlights!
By the way Brianne. . . what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico!