Friday, July 30, 2010


What were you doing this day last year? Was it a day I got to hold you? Was it the last day you were happy and smiling? I wondered. I did it... I shouldn't have. I pulled it off the shelf. Two hours later, thousands of tears, a box of kleenex, and a wicked headache the next morning. Does that make the phrase "miss you so bad it hurts" true? More than you know. It's been ALMOST a year... yet still so tangible. You are still the front and center of every thought. EVERYTHING reminds me of you. I miss you son.

I must thank those kind soles who have given me (our family) so many kind gestures. Here are two of the newest.

Greg's cousins had this portrait painted of Ethan. My snap shot does not do it justice. It's AMAZING. It captures the day, one of his best, the embrace, his eyes... It's perfect. Thanks Wrights

This one is so meaningful. One of my dearest friends had this CD signed by Paul Cardall. He is an LDS musician/pianist. He is a single ventricle (right) who recently had his first heart transplant. He supports CHD's and the children they effect so much. Thanks Cullimores.

The third gift was a letter and picture from my aunt. Her daughter (my cousin Melanie) passed away after a 20 month struggle w/ life. Melanie would be 25 years old now. It is a total different situation, but in the end her lungs are what took her. I have since cried many tears of joy and sorrow w/ my aunt. She has given me hope. I hate the bond that ties us, but LOVE that I have someone to share it with, someone who has journeyed this road and can give me guidance. Thanks Kathy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Time. . .

We have had a fabulous summer thus far. . . (but truthfully I am ready for school to start. What?! There is another month!) We were busy w/ so many fun activities in June. So July has been our "true summer". . . trips, hikes, card games, the lake, swimming, ball games, movies, and too much TV. The highlight so far has been our trip to Salt Lake City for my amazing Grandmother's 90th birthday. She is awsome and healthy as a horse (and did I mention her secret to success is a Dr. Pepper a day!) And the weather was in the 80's. Next venture: the Grand Canyon and Skidmore Reunion.