Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Did It. . . $10,000 to help CHD families!

Ethan's Run was a huge success thanks to many of YOU! The weather held out just long enough and the main events were able to take place. The 10K course was awsome! It was hard and challenging. . . and shockingly no complaints about it. Most people said they loved the challenge and there are no other 10K like it in the valley. I was afraid no one would come back after they ran it :)

The fun run was great. I LOVED all the kiddos running and scooting their hearts out! There was a HUGE heart family and friend turn out too. I love seeing everyone, just wished I had actually had time to talk to you all. I love you guys! And I have loved receiving all your pictures and comments!

I also want to THANK all those that sacrificed so much time to help. The volunteers and support was awsome. I am humbled by it to tell you the truth!

I ran the 10K (which didn't leave me much time to visit) but I did it for Ethan. I could not put on an event in honor of my son, call it Ethan's Run, and not run it!

Now starts the PAY IT FORWARD part. We raised $10,000! After I finish up with post race details I will start working on the details with the Congenital Heart Foundation on how to distribute the funds to benefit those families struggling with complicated battles!

There will definately be an Ethan's Run: Hope for Heart Defects 2011!

I have tons of new pictures to still go through! I will post more later. This week I need to finish up race stuff and, oh maybe, tend to my neglected house.

Love- Heidi

Monday, February 15, 2010

Any Picture Takers???

Does anyone have a decent camera that would like to SNAP PICTURES at Ethan's Run???
I would like some candid shots of the event as a whole. You do not need to take a picture of everything. . . I just want to make sure and capture some memories. . . Any takers???

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MapMyRun.com | View Ethan's Route #4 -- Final in Mesa, Arizona

MapMyRun.com | View Ethan's Route #4 -- Final in Mesa, Arizona

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You can view the 10K route for Ethan's Run by clicking the link above.

***Boulder Mountain Park is the base camp for the whole event. Please make note that the road "Red Mountain" that Boulder Mtn Park is located on, will be closed to through traffic starting at 8:15 am. The 10K and fun run will be starting and finishing on this road, so traffic will be closed. If you need to arrive after 8:15, then plan to park a half mile or more away! We will have a few golf carts for people to get shuttled into the park.

10K starts at 8:30am
Fun/run starts at 8:40

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ethan's Run, Final Countdown

The FINAL COUNTDOWN is on for ETHAN'S RUN: HOPE FOR HEART DEFECTS! Please help spread the word. It has come together very well. The event is in the community of Las Sendas in NE Mesa. Please enter from Power & Thomas Rd. and plan on arriving by 8 (so not to cut it too close). I have been very blessed to have two boy scounts want to help with Ethan's Run for their Eagle Projects. . . I could not be more grateful. And quite frankly, my mini stress breakdowns as of late might have been a full blown breakdown if they hadn't come along. Thanks Max & Sam.

If you didn't notice, the fun/run is now ONLY A 1 MILE. Sorry if you were planning on a two miler, but I just couldn't make it work without messing up the 10K. There will be complimentary snacks, drinks, and messages for the 10K runners. The fun zone (8am to 11am) is at the park w/ free bounce houses, and tons of play equipment. Tropical Smoothie will be there, and the newest edition is a PANCAKE BREAKFAST for purchase! And of course, CUTE SHIRTS to all registrants. There is day of registration w/ cash, but shirts are not guaranteed. To pre-register go to my button on the side and it will connect you to online reg! Thanks to all the sponsors and those who are helping to make this a great event! If you can't make it, just try to always spread Congenital Heart Defect Awareness! It is the number one birth defect and the number one cause of infant death from birth defects.
Cannon asks everyday if it is "Efin's Run yet?" Almost buddy, almost!