Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hanging in there

Ethan is struggling a hint more today. His diuretics were not making him pee as much yesterday. He ended the day very positive with intake which means he swelled a little more. His oxygenation is struggling more too. Probably the pneumonia. He is on higher vent settings. However he has been very content when he is awake! Looking around and even grabbing one of his toys I put by him during tummy time. Go figure! Doing worse but looking better. . . tender mercy I guess. I am grateful. Greg and I are at the realization we may be here for up to a few months more. It is hard, but whatever it takes to get him better. We couldn't do it with out all of you. I just wish I could promise I would make it up to you all one day. . . Just don't know if that is possible. We have been served and loved to the extreme.


Sara said...

You are doing alot by just keeping us updated. Thanks, Heidi!

The Stapley's said...

It was sooo good to see you guys last night!!! He looks so much better. :) Love you guys and always thinkin of ya!! xoxo

ZippityDoDaw said...

You are amazing! Still such gratitude and desire to serve others. You are doing the ultimate service being your babies little protective and loving angel.

Oh how I wish there was more I could do to ease his struggles. What a blessing that amidst all of these present challenges he looked happier and enjoyed a toy.

Thinking of you and Ethan always. We express special prayers just for him and your family. XOXO.