Friday, June 12, 2009

Slow and Steady

First things first. . . I HATE head IV's. . .but other than that there is
nothing too exciting to post. . . which is good news in and of itself! Ethan had no major setbacks after his last big day of progression. He is still on oxygen, but it is slowly getting weaned down. His left chest tube is still in. The output from the chest tube was getting lower by the day. As soon as they started talking about pulling it out, the output picked up. I guess Ethan is not quite ready to part with it yet. Not worried about it. The time will come. He has been struggling with withdrawls (narcotics were used to keep him sedated post-op and while he was on the ventilator). It is hard to keep the drugs all balanced. You know it takes drugs to get him off the other drugs! At least we can hold him more freely now. . . He has way less "stuff" attached to him now.

Again I have to say how grateful I am to just be where we are. Post Glenn and stable! It has been a HUGE TEAM effort to get Ethan this far. Greg and I often reflect on how blessed we have been and by sooooo many. And we have had lots of visitors this week. Its been nice. We also got some family time in. With Ethan quite stable, we had grandma come watch him while Greg and I both went to the kids first swim meet. It was good times.

Greg brought the boys by tonight on the way to the D-backs game. Cannon looked at us in all sincerity and asked; "Can Efin come to the game with us?" It was so cute. In the one picture Cannon has on gloves and was playing doctor with Ethan. Gage is so cute everytime he comes. He asks lots of questions. Not annoying little kid questions. But very observant ones. He always looks around the room and comments on whats new, whats gone, and on how good Ethan looks. Love those boys!


Caryn said...

Heidi! His color looks SO good! I too hate head IV's. All of Braden's 1st Christmas photos are with one- grrr.

Honestly, the withdrawl from the 'good drugs' was the hardest thing to watch, but when they come home on just motrin- it is worth it!

Yeah for Ethan!

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Ethan looks fantastic. I am so glad that he is stable and doing well! I think he will continue to improve. What a fighter!

Luke said...

Eathan is a strong little boy. It takes a lot to go through those surgeries. I have had 5 open heart surgeries in my lifetime, and they are no easy task. It takes tons and tons of heart to go through them, and I can tell he has that. I wish all your family the best.