Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Come What May & Love It

This video is awsome. My cousin has it on her blog. I loved this talk last conference. And as I ponder the uncertainty of Ethan's progress and future I am trying to incorporate this message into my everyday way of life. Come What May, but I WILL strive to love and enjoy every moment of it!

PS: They took Ethan's chest tube out yesterday. . . I am a little nervous. . . I hope his little body has conquered these effusions! Time will tell. . .


Andrea Gunnell said...

Thank you for sharing this video. I put it on my blog also because I liked it so much. I'll continue to pray for your family and that Ethan's body will continue to make progress.

Andie's Mommy said...

I sooo needed that tonight. I'm having a rough one. Isn't it ironic that I shut my computer down and then turned it back on and went right to your blog. God so has a way. Thanks again for being such a wonderful friend. I will continue praying for Ethan and your family. My love to you all.