Sunday, March 1, 2009

3 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

The nurses told us the day of surgery that the unwritten rule on the floor is 3 steps forward and one step back. We had our step back! And even though they tell you to plan on it, the news things aren't going in the right direction still makes your heart jump into your throat.Ethan has been unable to keep his oxygenation where he needs it to be since 5am. After trying every measure they could think of (that was not invasive) they decided they needed to place chest tubes to drain his pleural effusions (fluid around his lungs).
Upon placing the first chest tube they had a huge amount of blood come out of it. So much that the doctor called in for back-up. They had a whole team of doctors, nurses, and techs in their running test to make sure they didn't puncture something with the chest tube. They had to transfuse him with blood, plasma, and other fluids. Part of the need for so much fluid is that they have been trying to pull off alot of swelling fluid since surgery and he was actually dehydrated. After 2 hours the final conclusion was the tube was in the right place and there was no active bleeding. He just had that much build up around his lung. It was so stressful they have decided to wait until tomorrow morning to place the chest tube on the other side. Ethan had enough for one day.

I can't say enough about how much love I have for this child. He is an "old soul" if you will. Or shall I say a special spirit. He had to be sedated most of today while they worked on him. . . So I haven't been able to see those beautiful eyes. At least his oxygenation has improved. Hopefully the other chest tube will help even more. Keep the prayers coming. I feel the love of my savior around me and Ethan whenever things are stressful. It is definately a tender mercy that He is letting me know He is there.


Caryn said...

Oh Heidi... I wish you could read my journals from when we were doing this. I think I hated the drama of the chest tubes worse than the surgeries. Ethan is doing amazing and will get a little stronger everyday. Get some sleep, tomorrow is another day. Love ya.

The Simmons Family said...

I'm so sorry because I know how scary that is! It's true... two steps forward... one step back! The chest tubes are nasty, but they go away with time.

We're praying for you!!

The Burkinshaws said...

Heidi and Family,

We sure are praying for you and hope that everyday leaves you feeling a little bit stronger and more able to cope. Thanks for all the updates I do enjoy seeing his precious face!

ZippityDoDaw said...

Ethan is such an amazing little guy. I just loved every minute I held his foot. The spirit there was undeniable. I am glad they have created such an awesome unit to provide superior care to these special little babies. It is obvious he is a fighter, born with little Rocky Gloves, soon He will have won all 3 rounds, and you'll be bringing him home. Baby steps. You are doing great.
Love, Wendy