Friday, March 13, 2009

HUGE Progress

Ethan had a wonderful day today! I was praying for baby steps and we had HUGE leaps. His fever resolved last night, he came completely off the ventilator early today, and is now the happiest and most content baby. He is tolerating milk through his G-tube, loves sucking his pacifier, and is interacting with us so well. We now have the okay to hold him whenever we want. He has a few IV lines still so we can't walk all around just yet, but we can pick him up and hold!!! (I need to be knocking on wood as I am typing all this.)
As you can guess I am so grateful. It finally feels like having a "normal" baby. I don't mean that in a negative way, but in the sense that I can care for him and love on him as I please. I know he is still fragile and has a long ways to go, but I cannot tell you how full my heart is tonight. The last few weeks of struggling have all been WORTH IT! Lets just continue to pray things go in the right direction.
Much love and thanks-


The Simmons Family said...

WONDERFUL NEWS!! We'll continue to pray!

ZippityDoDaw said...

I had an amazing dream last night, that you brought Ethan home from the hospital and I came over to visit. He was doing just amazing. Then I just came in to check for Ethan updates after a long day of work, to find he had a fantastic day!
What joy filled my heart as I read all of his great triumphs. How wonderful to hold him to your heart's desire, watch him enjoy sucking on a pacifier, and just cherish all of these treasured interactions!!! I am so happy for you today!!

Loves to you and your family! Wendy