Thursday, March 19, 2009

Suns Game

The Heart Unit had donated tickets and they so kindly gave them to me. I decided I needed some kiddo time and took Alexa and Cannon to the game (Gage went just last week with Grandpa). The kids loved every minute of it. They had a busy day that day and I thought they might not make it to the end. . . but they did! It helped that during the whole 4th quarter Cannon was FLIRTING with a cheerleader that was up in our section. Yes. . .flirting. I could not believe it. He is only 3. It was a glimpse into the teenage years. But in the end it got him a Suns shirt. He was so excited she gave it to him. He quickly unrolled it and had a look of disappointment. When I asked him what was wrong he said "It is daddy's size, not my size." So he let Alexa have it.

It was soooo nice to spend some quality time with them. . . I must admit I am having ICU psychosis. My brain is not working too well. I even busted out in hives. I think it is stress. We just had our one month anniversay on the unit. Ethan looks so good and is acting like a typical newborn baby (minus eating by mouth). He just needs to stop draining chylous fluid from his chest tube and we could be home!!! Easier said than done.




Caryn said...

I am SO happy you got out! We had to go to California for a couple months for Braden's surgery and the best thing the nurses ever did for us was literally, PUSH us out the door and tell us to go enjoy San Fran for the day. I felt guilty the whole time- but you're right, you totally need and ICU break!

The Stapley's said...

Cannon takes after his grandpa Stapley that's for sure!!!!

Dennison Family said...

Wow!! 1 Month!! I can't believe it!! I'm so glad you got to go to the Suns game. What a great outing. You can definitely go stir-crazy in there!! I'm glad Ethan is getting better and that you can hold him LOTS!! I need to get back up there and visit!!

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

That sounds like a much needed break. I love the pictures, so precious! I am thinking the same thing about Maren, I want to go have some time alone with her because of all my concentration on Kate.

Is Grandma there with you? I got the most amazing card from her that touched me so much. If she is there, would you please tell her thank you from me and give her a big hug?

Love you!

Natalie Hall said...

So great to see you smiling... Ethan looks better and better with each post. Looks like the Mama that just had a baby, is lot's hotter than the Suns dancer..