Monday, March 2, 2009

A Good Night

Just a quick post. I have had some calls of concern. He had a much better night. His saturations and blood pressure were much more stable. He still has had a few dips. They are probably going do the other chest tube soon. I will update tonight. Thanks to all who are concerned and have reached out to us. We feel so blessed as a family for the love and support we receive!

On another note, it is Gage's birthday! Just wanted to note how much I love this kiddo. He is so driven and full of spunk. Gage wants to accomplish anything and everything. Greg and I have a hard time keeping up with him and all his ambition. I love you Gage!



ZippityDoDaw said...

I am glad his oxygen sats and blood pressure were more stable, hopefully you took advantage of that and dozed on the couch. He is lucky to have such loving parents carefully attending to his every need. You are amazing to keep such great update frequency. Happy birthday to Gage!!

Dennison Family said...

I'm glad he did ok last night! I'm sorry you have to go through those scary times. We are still praying for you, and my kids are praying for Ethan. Lexi was at a friends house and her friend said the blessing and afterwards Lexi said, you didn't bless baby Ethan!! It was cute. WE love you guys!!

Sara said...

Good to hear he is doing better. And...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GAGERS! We love little Gage. I wish I had his energy~