Thursday, March 26, 2009


Unfortunately Ethan has not had much progress as of lately. The fluid around his lungs has increased and the drain does not seem to be taking care of it. He has been struggling more with breathing and has developped heart arrythmias. It is hard to see Ethan so uncomfortable. They have switched to a new "nasty" formula that is similar to the old one (low fat). He will probably be getting a new chest tube today. But we are praying to get through this setback soon. He is such a little fighter.


Brianne Skidmore said...

Love him. Love you. Talk to you soon.

Lauren said...

It is so hard to look at that sweet little face and know what a fight this is for all of you! We will keep praying for you and hope to see you soon.
Hang in there friend. Lots of love,
Cheryl and family

The Simmons Family said...

Bummer news... we'll keep him in our prayers!! We've never dabbled in arythmias so I'm not familiar with that end of it.. .praying it's not bad.

What formula are they trying>> We had the icky vivonex and it seemed to work.

It was so frustrating DAY after DAY coming to the hospital to hear that the drainage has slowed, or that he needed another tube. It just seems like there's not much light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm so sorry. We're praying for him to feel better and FINALLY come home. We'd love to meet Ethan and he can meet his heart friend.. Mr. Owen.


Andrea Gunnell said...

What a cute picture! I'm so sorry you are having these set-backs. It is so discouraging, but hang in there. We will continue the prayers in your direction.

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I too will pray for him that he will be comfortable and do better with the formula. I hope you are doing okay. I think of you all the time.

francb53 said...

Ethan is such a sweetheart and fighting such a difficult fight. I know he can do it! You are all in my prayers.
Love you,
Aunt Francie

Lily's Mama! said...

UGH....Arythmia's....Lily had them something AWFUL after her second surgery, ended up on different arythmia meds to get it under control, Lilys has had 2 different typs of arythmia's, to long and difficult to explain on here, as soon as Lily is better we will have to make a trip down there in person to stop in and visit and I can explain it better then. We are still praying daily for little Ethan.Give him a kiss for us...

hope to see you will be great to meet you in person.


Caryn said...

Arythmias are no fun, we had rounds and rounds of them after OHS number 1. He is such a cutie though Heidi.

I know this seems so hard right now, but considering Braden spent a total of about 4 months of his first year in patient, looking back it doesn't seem so long- and all the little setbacks fade away.

Praying for you always.

ZippityDoDaw said...

He is growing, look at that little bit of baby chub in his face, so cute. The setbacks are so frustrating. Stay strong. We are still praying :)