Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Off the Ventilator!

Ethan is off the ventilator! We are so grateful for the progress he has had over the past 24 hours. It started with finally being stable and then the doctors decided it was finally time to wean him off the vent! He has been off of the ventilator for almost 4 hours. I have loved every minute of looking at his beautiful face. He has nasal prongs providing high flow oxygen right now. But that is so much better than the ventilator. They also let us wrap him up in a blanket, his favorite.

Unfortunatley I still cannot hold him due to the heart meds he is on and one of his IV lines still goes directly into his heart. Those need to be gone before Greg or I can hold him. He still has one chest tube in, but they took the left one out today. It's a good day!

The only negative news is Ethan is pretty uncomfortable. In order to wean him off the ventilator they had to wean him off sedation and pain meds to ensure he would not be too groggy to remember to breath. We also cannot hear him cry yet. The vocal chords are irritated from the breathing tube that was in. If it doesn't improve over the next few days we will know there is also temporary paralysis from the surgery.I cannont say thank you enough for your faith, love, and prayers!


Greg and Heidi


The Stapley's said...

Oh I love those eyes!!

Barbara Wiser said...

Ethan looks just like the other kids! What a cutie! So glad he is off the vent and is progressing in a positive direction.

You are wonderful parents, doing a wonderful job in a difficult situation...I pray for you each day.

Keep the pictures and blog is so nice to know how your doing.


Caryn said...

Yes Heidi that is Amazing!!! Their little horse voice kills ya huh? So glad he is doing good. Is it his Art line that is still in? I had to wait for pacemaker wires to come out, that was horrid!

He is so cute, so nice to see his eyes again!!!

Meredith said...

yeah! that is great news! he is sooo cute! He looks so old! More like 6 months!

Jackson Family said...

I'm so glad he is doing well. I've been thinking about you alot. Seeing those pictures brings back so many memories. So many dramatic ups and downs!

I'll keep praying for you and your family. He is doing so well! Keep the faith!

Love you!

Aryn said...

Oh Heidi- He is beautiful! I have been so touched by all your posts. I didn't know he was here yet so I had a little catching up to do. I am so glad to hear everything is going well and there is more steps forward then back. Ethan & Family will be in our thoughts and prays.

ZippityDoDaw said...

Hooray he is off the Vent!!! He looks so snuggly in that blanket. Next step, holding! Oh those little heart iv's so necessary, yet such a hinderance to the holding...oh bummer. We will keep praying for the sweet little guy, thnaks so much for the updates. :) Love, Wendy

Natalie Hall said...

Oh yes!!!!! I am so, so happy. I pray every time I come to your blog that it only gets better and better with time. And it will Heidi,,,,

Sara said...

I can't imagine not being able to hold him...that has to be torture. But, I am so glad things are improving. He is such a doll!!

The Simmons Family said...

No one prepared me for the "silent cry" after exubation. My heart sank.

I am so thrilled that Ethan is moving right along and that he's tolerating everything. From here.. it goes quickly.

PRAYING for you Ethan!!

Rachel said...

Heidi, your baby is beautiful! Faith has been keeping me updated on your story, and I've thought of you often. Just wanted to pop in and let you know that. I'll keep you in my thoughts, and hope that you'll soon be able to hold your sweet baby in your arms.

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I can't imagine how much you long to hold that sweet little guy. He is amazing... such an inspiration. We just found out a family in our ward is going to have a simlilar experience to you. You are in our prayers! Love you!

Hannah said...

Hooray! Ethan is off the vent! Meg and I got out of St. Joe's Wed. afternoon. I wanted to come up and see you but it didn't work out! Ethan is adorable! :) You continue to be in our prayers. We love your sweet family!

Amy & gang

Hannah said...
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