Saturday, August 8, 2009

Looking better

Ethan is doing well today. His kidney function numbers are back into a nice range and he is peeing a little better. He is still too puffy for my liking, but expected w/ the kidney situation. His signs of infection seem to be down and his fever has stayed below 101 for the last two days (but as I write this it seems to be climbing a little)! Ethan's BNP (heart failure test) has been hanging around 3,000. That is still too high, but better than 13,000. We still have not started the second heart med. The first criteria to start it has been met: kidneys look better. But he is still on dopamine. We have to get him off that before we start the carvedilol. So digoxin is the only heart med on board right now.

Many have commented that they are lost by my last few posts. Most of those are my carepage followers. Carepages has not been sending out email alerts for all of my updates. If you are lost on the blog, or the carepage, you need to read a previous post titled "Details (TMI)". That talks about where we stand with his heart failure situation and explains more about why he keeps going down hill every time we think he is getting better.

Much love-


Lindsay said...

Thank you for finally posting! You're not allowed to skip a day anymore, I was getting really worried!! (No comments allowed about the hypocrisy here since I have not posted since February!)

But I'm glad to heard that he's making progress in the right direction!

Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

So glad Ethan's looking a little better. Thinking of you all so much and sending love and hugs to little Ethan. X

The Simmons Family said...

Ok, POSITIVE news!! We keep praying for more tiny miracles.

Melodie Mendivil said...

I stopped by the PCTICU yesterday morning, but they said you had gone home for a bit... second Lindsay's comment, I am also glad you posted again, but I figured he must be doing a little teeny tiny bit better if you had gone home for a few minutes.

I was at St. Joes for Scarlett's swallow study which she failed. Oh well, status quo. I am going to be checking your blog daily now so please keep it coming! : )