Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love These Kids

Gage and Cannon have been the best of buddies lately. It has been so fun to watch. However, Alexa thinks they gang up on her from time to time. Cannon admires that Gage plays basketball. When Gage is at school, Cannon will put on Gage's basketball uniform and run around the house pretending he is passing and shooting. And when
Gage is home they set up wicker baskets at each end of the family room and play basketball with one of their webkinz pets (since I won't let them bring the basketball in the house. The personalities are soooo different, but they have one thing in common. . . they are both very driven. Love you boys. . . and as Cannon reminds me lately, there are not just two boys in the family. He already talks about the third boy Ethan, or as he says "Efin".
(I don't know why the date on the pic is wrong)

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