Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby Jake

Last night I could not stop thinking about the Dennison Family. I just wanted to say how amazing they (Liz and Tyler) handled the circumstances of the last 3 weeks. I am sorry Baby Jake's battle had to come to an end, but how nice it is to know he is no longer hurting and in a much better place.


ZippityDoDaw said...

They really were so amazing. I have never experienced something like this, and this little guy has definitely stolen a piece of my heart.

The Ridgway Family said...

I think of you all the time as you are just days away from delivering. What courage you had in attending Jakes services, but I can tell you that I know it meant so much to them.

I pray for you and your little baby to be strong. My the Lord's sweet spirit rest upon you in the days ahead.

Love, Keisa

Heidi Ann said...

Oh Heidi, we're so anxious for your little man! Can't wait to see him, babies are so perfect, so pure. What ever is in store for you and your little guy know you don't have to do anything alone, Heavenly Father will carry you. Be strong and know we are here!