Saturday, June 21, 2008

Downtown Mesa

We went to downtown Mesa with the Freeman Fam for the opening of a new art exhibit. They had lots of free activities and food for the whole family. Cannon was obsessed with a stack of paper plates he stole from a food table. He was attached to them the whole night. On the way back to the car he had a tantrum becuz
Greg gave Alexa a piggy back ride, and not him. He threw the plates down and jumped on them like it was "showing me" by ruining the plates. It was sooo funny. And as you can see dad gave in and finished the walk to the car with Cannon on top. It was a nice evening, but HOT! So we finished it off with a Mesa Yogurt. The following day was Father's Day. . . and I would just like to add that Greg- you are awsome. Thanks for being you. I love you!

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Natalie said...

Hey, your kids are growing up so beautifully! I haven't seen them since Ben and Sandi's wedding ~ maybe once since then, but gosh time goes fast!
Welcome to the Blogging world!
I found yours through Sandi's Blog.