Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Heart Is Full, Ethan's Run 2011

Ethan's Run 2011 was a WONDERFUL day! We were able to raise $10,000 to donate to families battling CHD's. I can't believe the generosity of so many. The money raised was made possible by runners, walkers, children playing, people eating a yummy pancake breakfast, from generous donations, sponsors,an eagle scout, and from the MANY wonderful volunteers who helped plan and carry out the event. Thank you sooooooo much!
I had to keep my sunglasses on the whole time. . . I didn't want anyone to see the tears that kept creeping up everytime I saw someone walk by with a shirt dedicated to a CHD warrior and/or angel. At one point I looked over at the kids zone, and all the fun that was occurring there, and I whispered "Happy Birthday" to Ethan. What a beautiful day to celebrate his life, to increase CHD awareness, and to raise funds for a great cause. I was also very impressed with the class of athletes participating in the event. There is a picture of the 1/2 Marathon overall male winner. He and his brother finished in 1hr and 18 min. Wow! Again, thank you to all who came out!


Dennison Family said...

It was a great event, Heidi. You should be so proud. You are amazing and I know Ethan was smiling down on you and probably playing with all those kiddos in the play area. Thank you for doing this. It touches my heart. I was tearing up when I exited the freeway and saw the bright orange signs that said "Special Event Ahead" and then to see all of the orange cones for the 1/2.....very touching. I was crying. You are AMAZING!!

Hot Diggity Daws said...

Amazing experience. Honored to meet a few more families of Heart Warriors and Angels. Well done, I am sure Ethan is so proud of his mama and the help families will receive from the success of this event. I am impressed by the creative genius expressed in the variety of shirts inspired by these precious children.

Mimi said...

Oh Heidi- How wonderful!!!

You are amazing! This post made me cry. I think of your family often.

I would love to be there one of these years.

Big hug!

Amy said...

It's one of those days you love to support but hate to be a part of. I thought about our angels a lot that day and shed lots of tears. But I'm also very glad that so much generosity was given in support of families with heart warriors.
Thank you for taking on such a challenge. All of us from "Team Ella" are so grateful for all you've done for CHD awareness.